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diversion: do we need to see patterns where none exist?

  Big Data = opportunities Data are information, not knowledge. The New York Times Well blog post this week (Are ‘Hot Hands’ in Sports a Real Thing) is based on a study of five entire seasons of free throws in

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Sunday diversion is about love (birds, bees and young people) and staying out late

a matter of personal indulgenceThrough the miracle of the inter-tubes, and the confidence of the principals and the editors of the Old Grey Lady, we got home well after midnight to find that the wedding we had just come from

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Sunday diversion: of Pythagorus and baseball odds

  The plusses and minuses mean a lot For baseball fans who don’t get the stat geek world, this Sports Illustrated piece nicely captures the science behind the Probability of Playoffs column you see in some renditions of Major League

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Sunday diversion / back to baseball

but nothing perfectAnd not about the very imperfect game thrown yesterday by Freddy Garcia. (You’re welcome, RS Nation.) This is one of the well-done uses of baseball stats, with an obvious headline but interesting supporting data: Quit throwing strikes to

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Sunday diversion / Mr. Silver doubles down on nutrition

a healthy dose of fact-checking + analysisAnyone who read my April 13 post, Mr. Silver does NY real estate / NY Magazine basks in the glow, knows that I am a big Nate Silver fan. His metier is politics, of

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does anyone here know stats? / the widely quoted Rental Vacancy Rate from Citi-Habitats

  data point about rentals tracked down (it wasn’t hidden) That NY Times piece from Sunday, Changing Course to Avert a Glut, addresses macro-level questions about plans to build lots of condominium in Manhattan. Among the data nuggets reported by

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