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the perils in following Manhattan loft deed filings, unhappy family edition

not so much a diversion as a quick hit, this one of a Chelsea loft that did not “sell” as reported Manhattan Loft Guy blog posts have been pretty infrequent of late (Note To Self …) so in the spirit of

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354 Broadway loft owners won’t freak out about recent sale

‘cuz they know what’s a free market loft sale One of the dangers of scanning StreetEasy for recent sales of Manhattan lofts is that the data can be tricky. Take the “4,004 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the  5th floor

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caution: use 75 Ludlow Street loft sale as a comp at your own risk

check the dates and namesTechnically, there has been a single resale at this 2008 new development, with the “1,646 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 75 Ludlow Street having sold last month for $1.6mm. The prior sales here were by

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loft at 27 N. Moore Street sells a tad low after public auction

a difficult data point as a compMy first thought on seeing that the notorious “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House; not the other [first] Ice House) has closed after that public auction

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15 Mercer Street loft closes off a million

width + height = volumeI was disappointed that the buyer I told about the “2,916 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 15 Mercer Street did not like the 2nd floor, because I love this loft. But not

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strange relo deal gets seller +14% over 2007 tho loft at 356 Broadway worth -8% less

how facts can mis-informIf you were following the hyper-local Manhattan loft market at 356 Broadway in east Tribeca, you would have had a very different view of that market toward the end of 2011 than you would now. How different

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ignore this loft “sale” at 114 Mercer Street

no length between the armsOne of the risks in looking at closed transactions in Manhattan loft buildings is that things are sometimes not what they seem. Or, that they are exactly what they seem if you look a little closer.

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a penthouse premium + a non-comp loft sale at Chelsea Mercantile, 252 Seventh Avenue

relish one, ignore other When the Manhattan loft #PH-L at 252 Seventh Avenue at the top of the Chelsea Mercantile closed on December 16 at $2.416mm for its “1,510 sq ft”, it continued the high-floor-premium trend at The Merc. When

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another neighbor extorted, as Queer Eye tires of “Soho”, leaves 505 Greenwich Street loft for Chelsea

there’s nothing like leverageThe Wall Street Journal has the story today about loft owners at 505 Greenwich Street who so wanted additional space that they hugely overpaid to help the semi-famous neighbor next door realize that it was time for

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no listing, but VERY motivated buyer for O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue greases a move to Tribeca

indeed, a unique buyerSometimes there’s a story you can figure out about a Manhattan loft that sells without having been offered publicly through a real estate brokerage. And sometimes there’s a story you can figure out about an anomalous sale.

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