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260 Fifth Avenue loft missed opportunity to sell before world found out about nearby development

  you do hate to see thatYou will often see a comment on Manhattan Loft Guy to the effect that a seller missed the best opportunity to sell (First Quarter 2008, aka The Peak) by being too aggressive in pricing,

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quintessential artist loft sells for $1,525/ft at 38 Crosby Street

oh that light!A day after hitting an architect designed Greenwich Village loft that sold under $1,000/ft (September 12, “noted architect” will be disappointed that “incredible” 200 Mercer Street loft went for $939/ft), here is a “2,000 sq ft” Soho “quintessential

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water fountain view from Chelsea Mercantile loft worth only $1,040/ft

what would you pay for a (real) view?I had some fun in my January 20, privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue, talking about what spectacular views are worth at the Chelsea Mercantile (in two cases

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privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue

was it the iconic views?If there is a data geek out there looking for a laboratory to explore the value of views, one could do worse than start at the Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue. The Merc is an

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comping is hard / the laboratory at 321 West 13 Street is rich

a Fall theme emergesYesterday’s post was not the only time I have offered “did I mention that comping is hard?”; it is only the most recent time. (Rather than use a list of links, I will let The Google do

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why did 263 Ninth Avenue loft resale kick some serious butt?

one does not make a trendI have commented before that bright shiny objects (statistical outliers) tend to catch attention at Manhattan Loft Guy. Today’s bright shiny object is a resale at the 2005* condominium conversion of a former printing building,

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under $800/ft for brand new Lifesaver lofts at 120 Eleventh Avenue

it is all about the viewsI am going to try to avoid the candy and swimming puns here (especially the drowning puns here, please), let’s see how this attempt to talk business about the last two sales of Manhattan new

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loft that missed The Peak at 30 West 15 Street comes back to sell, modestly but successfully

very quiet local market30 West 15 Street is a classic Manhattan loft building of its type: a handsome 12 story building built about 100 years ago with 21 coop units (converted 1980), and a North unit and South unit on

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nice loft, great deck, but not so near work

if this is "near" so is Penn StationIt is always nice to see a beautiful Manhattan loft featured in the media, and this more-foodie-than-lofty item from The Observer does feature a beautiful loft. The loft in question is the Penthouse

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1200 Broadway loft closes near 2009 ask

timing is (not quite) everythingThis story doesn’t get old (at least, not yet): a well-priced Manhattan loft sells after going into contract within a short time, at or near a price that failed in 2009. Today’s’ example is #5G at

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