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awkward kitchen fails to stop sale of MacIntyre loft at 874 Broadway in Flatiron

still, $1.875mm There are limits to what even the best architects can do. Assuming the decision about where to place (or, where to keep) the kitchen was made by the clients, you can appreciate that even an “[a]rchitect-designed loft” can

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memory lane: from luxury jewelry to ladies underwear to a union bank to the inevitable condo

    Seven Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. In my July 7, 2006, dynamic city

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bromancing the restaurateur: an homage to Danny Meyer

if not The Man Who Made (modern) Madison Square, at least The Man Who PushedI’ve been sitting on a “Living Around” feature about Madison Square and environs from the Sunday New York Times Real Estate section nearly two months, A

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7-figure discount gets 15 Union Square West loft sold after 3 years

reading the writing on the (glass) wallsI checked via The Google: although the duplexed “2,282 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 15 Union Square West is the 7th loft in this oh-so-luxe 36-unit condo conversion to close below my $5mm

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more terraces, more envy, as 15 East 15 Street loft sells at another premium

putting the sweet in master suiteIf it seems like only yesterday that we were talking about multiple terraces and multiple bids, we were! That was my August 29, 4 terraces = 1 bidding war for penthouse loft at 144 West

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weekend diversion: what to make of the Amazing Strangers of Union Square?

anthropology or voyeurism?This has been sitting on my virtual pile of interesting because it is weird or interesting because it is disturbing? for six weeks, and I have never been able to figure out which it is, or what it

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memo to NY Times: that's a “loft”, not an “apartment”

and not in East VillageCheck out the slide-show associated with the article in today’s NY Times, An East Village Apartment, Sleek and Childproof. Does that look like a "loft" or an "apartment" to you? Yeah, me too: that’s a loft.

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out of range, out of mind … setting records or delaying sale?

pay the price if they don’t pay attentionThe risk in pricing a Manhattan loft above where anything in a building has sold is that potential buyers will be turned off by the price before considering the plus factors you tout

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NYC photos / could not stop scrolling

is it memory lane if I am too young to remember (or to have been alive then)?Hat tip to today’s Today’s MUG from Manhattan User’s Guide for linking to a forum on WiredNY with an amazing collection of photos, mostly

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quick sale at 20 East 17 St

woosh!The 7th floor at 20 East 17 Street came to market on March 10, in pretty much the same market uncertainty as today. It took all of 17 days for terms to be agreed upon and a contract to be

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