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no-Manhattan-lofts diversion is back to football, violently

the hits just keep on coming Does anyone else feel it? Perhaps because I am sensitized to these articles, I am seeing dribs and drabs of media reports and commentaries that are dribbier and drabbier than what has come before.

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Sunday diversion has to feature The Great Rivera

still baseball season, of course No need to get into a discussion of whether Mariano Rivera is ‘the greatest closer ever’ in Major League baseball (the 9th-inning [only] closer being a fairly recent development) but we can all agree that

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diversion about nomenclature in a different sport during BASEBALL season (sorry)

  words have meaning, no? Thoughtful piece that I missed last week by the thoughtful guy who has the impossible job of being ombudsman for ESPN, So what if ESPN refused to use the R-word? If you’re already familiar with

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Sunday diversion: inconceivable ESPN football clip of unusual size, with no survivors

for aficionados onlyIf you are not already a huge fan of The Princess Bride, stop reading and go about your day. Unless you are a fan of ESPN NFL coverage and of the 3 guys in this video, linked by

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Sunday diversion / big day in sports

all day screen festIt does not happen this way every Sunday, but for real fans today there are games to watch at noon, 3, 6 and 9, from the East Coast, to America’s so-called heartland, finishing on the West Coast.

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Sunday diversion into one of the meccas of college football, but not why you think

making progress, pilgrim?I long ago gave up on college football as a source for entertainment, not merely because my alma mater was more famous in my day for losing football (not in my day as bad as this 1994-2000 streak,

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holiday Monday diversion / do some good, y'all

is it a holiday where you are? (they are not picking up trash on my block, so it is here)Let’s start the year with a tissue and a Rick Reilly piece from ESPN about the Rose Bowl parade this morning.

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Saturday diversion: multi-tasking mom

it has been a whileI have gotten out of the habit of doing the occasional non-real estate post on the weekend (so many lofts in Manhattan, so little time) but here’s one for you baseball fans. (No, it does not

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Saturday diversion / QOTD

block that (blockbuster) metaphor!Today’s Quote of the Day references Titanic, cliches, and the Kansas City Royals, and continues a Spring frenzy of baseball-related posts: You know, it’s really a shame that James Cameron made that little movie about the big

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