efficient use of space, to nth degree

not a loft, not in Manhattan, but…
This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen about using a small space. No matter how much space you have, at some point you probably wonder if your space can be used more efficiently. Take heart (and inspiration) from this guy in Hong Kong. After multiple renovations, and using all sorts of moving pieces, he gets 24 "rooms" out of his 344 sq ft apartment.

Three hundred. Forty-four. My advice: don’t fixate on the "24 rooms", just look at the many different uses he makes of the space.

And yes, this particular layout is not ideal for bathroom / guest bed usage, but still … the guy only had 344 feet to work with. Imagine what he could do with 700 square feet and 2 bathrooms!

h/t The Real Deal.

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