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Sunday diversion / has to be baseball by now, right?

or, at least baseball relatedIf you think this guy on Grantland is a sanctimonious jerk, so what? Read it anyway. (I don’t think he was under the desk next to me in 1962; I remember doing this in the hallway.)

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Sunday diversion is not so super, unless …

you are a baseball fanI am reliably informed through various media that today is the last day of the football season. Finally! In honor of that, and the fact that pitchers and catchers report to spring training (officially) in two

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weekend diversion / a little baseball with a bittersweet curve

fighting against the tide, again12 games left in baseball’s regular season (11 if you are part of some Nation), yet most of America seems to regard this as football season. Sigh. For today’s diversion, a lovely piece from this past

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weekend diversion / waiting for baseball edition

(still waiting…) It is a somewhat controversial opinion, but I still like Jon Miller. He gets a little excited here. Pitchers & Catchers in 15 days! (Is football season over yet??) h/t The Girl Who Loved Andy Pettitte; very indirect

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Saturday diversion / is The Force with you?

fonts! glorious fonts!Isn’t it amazing what Kids are doing today: http://www.buzzfeed.com/gavon/may-the-force-of-typography-be-with-you h/t (as is often the case) a terrific baseball writer © Sandy Mattingly 2010  

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Sunday diversion: children's rhymes + songs

your favorite?Some clever woman with a lot of time on her hands researched nursery rhymes and silly songs from her (and my) childhood, finding some odd verses, some downright disturbing verses. My personal favorite is #5, which proves to me

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Saturday diversion / QOTD

block that (blockbuster) metaphor!Today’s Quote of the Day references Titanic, cliches, and the Kansas City Royals, and continues a Spring frenzy of baseball-related posts: You know, it’s really a shame that James Cameron made that little movie about the big

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