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Sunday diversion / Wonders. Never. Cease. / Manhattan Bridge edition

never!Definitely late to the party on this, but so was my source. Good thing that good things on the inter-tubes are eternal. This prize-winning art installation from a DUMBO festival is a 5 minute “light show” on the Manhattan Bridge,

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leaving Manhattan for the Vortex of DUMBO lofts, per The Miller

  blogger jealousy is ugly (I must resist)There is an amazing post on The Miller’s blog last Friday that is a departure from his usual fare in two ways: it is an anonymous contribution; and it is a very, very

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not lofty enough in Manhattan, smiling at Manhattan from DUMBO

poignant search profiled in NY Times“Poignant” must be in the eyes of the beholder … as in whose buttons are being pushed. Today’s Joyce Cohen The Hunt feature in the NY Times pushed my buttons, very well. Starting a New

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