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funny math as first Sterling Mason loft resells: when is a $200k gain not a gain?

(you know this) when your transaction costs far exceed the ‘gain’ The suburbanites who just sold the first loft to resell at the uber-loft conversion slash new construction Sterling Mason, the “2,042 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 71 Laight

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even a Chelsea Mercantile loft will struggle if over-priced

loft sellers can’t simply name their price, no matter a Chelsea loft icon In a world of bad (bad, bad!) news for buyers of Manhattan residential real estate, lofts and otherwise, there’s only a limited amount of cold comfort to be

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let’s play Value The Terrace at 53 N. Moore Street, as penthouse loft sells!!

one of my favorite Manhattan real estate games … and a grand spectator sport Everyone has an opinion about the premium that outdoor space adds to a given property, but the nice thing about dealing as retrospectively as I do

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memory lane: I don't think this anticipated market change (“end of uber-lofts?”) happened

 Five Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft GuyYou were warned in my July 4 post that you had a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up; almost up. In my July 17, 2007, end of uber-lofts?

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sidewalk sale at 130 Watts Street comps very, very strongly to Peak loft sale

is street access a plus or minus?You see some fancy-schmancy Tribeca loft conversions that include a “townhouse” component, one or more (usually more) duplex or triplex units with direct access from the sidewalk, often in addition to direct access from

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raise the price to get the price, as Lion's Head loft sells after oddly successful campaign

up 7.5% since 2007This is one of those days on which I see Manhattan Loft Guy as a collector of curios, a collection of just one damn Bright Shiny Object after another. Today’s BSO is the “1,990 sq ft” Manhattan

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40 Mercer St loft resale up 13% over 2009 sale, 21% lifetime

straight line gainsThe Manhattan loft #3D at the celebrated 40 Mercer Street sold on April 6, for the third time in its young life. (Does that mean people love it or hate it?) I will explain in a minute why

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505 Greenwich Street loft is up 8% since 2004, down 12% since 2006

in which it is better to have been the first owner than the secondEven if I had an easy way to search price histories for Manhattan lofts I don’t think I would find one quite like the zigging and zagging

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Saturday diversion / is Chelsea Mercantile contract newsworthy?

tomorrow must be a slow news day(Not for Manhattan Loft Guy; for the NY Times.) If it is "news" to Liz Harris of the NY Times (is she the new Josh Barbanel??), I guess it qualifies for at least a

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then what? 34 Leonard new Manhattan loft development to be auctioned

wanna buy a building?Back when I was marketing a Tribeca loft that never sold (sellers were firm about what they wanted; The Market was firm that it was not available), I used to watch the construction of 34 Leonard Street

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