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the (low) morals of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, politics division

the (non) Quote Of The DayIf there’s a word “antidote”, should there be a word “antiquote”? I feel as though we need that word today, in looking at this quote in last night’s piece, Espada, an ally of the real

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sales price kerfuffle, as ACRIS changes, so does StreetEasy, but world does not end

this explains some of the funny (non-round) numbersThis may be a bit too inside baseball for some (many?), but the way New York City reports real estate sales prices changed in March, and The Real Deal stirred things up this

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Real Deal does recent paired sales from 2005-08

veddy interesting … but few detailsNo surprise that Manhattan Loft Guy is not the only guy interested in Manhattan real estate recent paired sales. My dump of 27 Manhattan lofts that sold since November 1 and that previously sold in

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the case of the curious “typo” / 41 Rushmore buyers get to rescind

Real Deal trumps NY Times [with April 16 update, below]The fascinating story of 41 in-contract buyers at The Rushmore being granted the right to rescind their contracts is not a Manhattan loft story, but it is a Manhattan new developments

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loft developer in default at 654 Broadway

crunched by numbersNot a pretty story reported in The Real Deal (last Friday, on line) about a Manhattan loft developer default, CIT Group sues for $12M at Noho condo site. I don’t have a lot of any experience running numbers

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one less funny person at The Porter House

… unless the buyer is a clown?I checked in at 66 Ninth Avenue (The Porter House) on August 16 (Porter House loft may be "beyond the beyond" but sells off a million, up 40% or down 25%) to tell a

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revisiting Trouble in Tribeca, while stopping in Soho

a promise, kept (rare!)When I hit the Manhattan loft #3S at 155 Franklin Street (the Sugar Loaf) as a June 2009 sale 16% off the 2006 clearing price (August 5, 155 Franklin Street crashes past 2006 to close up 28%

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(kinda) quick trip to closing, but a long trip off ask at 147 Waverly Place

  flipping can be stressful, no? (+ exciting) The story of the marketing and sale of Unit 1E at 147 Waverly Place (a ‘successful’ flip) is not a long story (except as I tell it), but it packs a punch. But first,

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looking for walk-aways by testing the hypothesis that buyers can't close / the lab at The Caledonia, 450 West 17 Street

yes, still beating on The Real Deal Can you tell yet that I am still frustrated about The Real Deal article that linked two related-but-vastly-different premises? Here’s (still) more….   Without having access to actual sales directors of actual new

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facts v. hype / testing the thesis of “little or no sales activity”

still beating on The Real Deal I unloaded a bit recently on The Real Deal article that linked two related-but-vastly-different premises. Here’s more….   The teaser early line from that Michael Stoler piece was: While many brokers and developers are

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