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outsmart the market? or, write a dumb headline?

curmudgeon much??I got very confused reading the lead-front-page-above-the-fold NY Times article in today’s Real Estate section, Five Ways for Buyers to Outsmart the Market because — for some reason — I kept looking for ways that buyers could outsmart the

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courage punished, not rewarded, as 22 West 26 Street closes off 36% from first ask

  4 price drops, 49 weeks, blood on the tracksThe Manhattan loft #7H at 22 West 26 Street closed on February 2 at $1.215mm after a rather long slog and a pointed slap from The Market: it was first offered

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risk, revisited / I am still a coward, but the 'brave' did not sell (yet)

checking back on the SpringI recently had a conversation with a former shareholder in one of the Manhattan loft buildings that I visited in my March 25 lengthy rumination, am I a coward? assessing + bearing risk in a risky

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can an address provide enough oomph?

pricing like it’s 2008One of the risks of pricing a Manhattan loft above The Market, of course, is that no one will visit, let alone bid, because there are alternatives that start at lower-prices. (I discussed this most recently, in

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am I a coward? assessing + bearing risk in a risky world

a rumination (bear with me)I tell owners in this market that my job is to protect their equity and get them on their way (to whatever is next in their lives) with as much money in their pocket as possible.

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to Chelsea to push the too pushy …? thread

pushy, pushy, pushy (or not)This week’s Chelsea candidate for the Manhattan loft Goldilocks question (we started this thread on November 14 with two in 2 new Tribeca lofts too pushy or just pushy enough?? and have been reheating it like

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too pushy…?? thread Vol 3 / Tribeca build-out

  reaching for a dream? Am I getting carried away with this thread? Perhaps, but yet another candidate for the Goldilocks question came to market recently, raising the question of whether the seller is being too pushy about price in

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