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ain’t easy keeping track of Manhattan loft sales, and getting harder

the behemoth’s business model runs over Manhattan Loft Guy’s If I had to select one thing as the most publicly beneficial thing that Manhattan Loft Guy has offered the general public since March 2006, that Most Best Thing would be

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in praise of StreetEasy, not to bury it

much beleaguered, of late I’ve been mulling over a post about the many and various changes to StreetEasy that seem to have dropped (thudded) into the lives of so many fans of the Manhattan residential real estate market, but that’s

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Wall Street Journal jumps gun on quarterly market report, flogs Soho loft sale you know about

brilliant journalismRegular readers of Manhattan Loft guy will suspect snark in that sub-head, but today, I got none. Josh Barbanel’s piece in today’s Journal, Manhattan Sales Continue to Climb, is brilliant journalism on two fronts. First, it scoops all the

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about that Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales …

if you need a diversion from Manhattan lofts today, look elsewhere (anywhere else)I think this is the second week in a row, but perhaps only the second time in the last few months, that the  Master List of Manhattan Lofts

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confusing loft at 133 West 14 Street sells 5 years to the day, up 24%

follow the bouncing ball, into the weedsIf there were a real Multiple Listing Service in Manhattan, it would be easy to figure out what happened to the “1,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft that sold a little while ago. With that

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did it really take 3 contracts to sell top floor loft with private roof at 303 Mercer Street for 99.3% of ask?

I hate these fuzzy historiesThis much we know: the Manhattan loft triplex with roof terrace #A608 at 303 Mercer Street (in the oh-so-poetic Snug Cove [oops] Harbor 3-building coop) came to market on July 5, 2011 at $2.995mm and closed

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Mr. Silver does NY real estate / NY Magazine basks in the glow

538 moved from 312 to 718 [update below]Talk about a perfect marriage: the stat guru with star power, Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight fame, developed a piece for the will-scream-for-attention, NY Magazine, ranking 50 "top" NYC neighborhoods. Hilarity (and links) ensues!

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update alert / now 27 pairs of paired Manhattan loft resales, 2007 + recently

woo-hooThat collection of paired resales of Manhattan lofts is now 27, and that March 5 data dump (data dump: 27 Manhattan lofts sold in 2007 + recently) has been updated (again), for all you who seem to have bookmarked that

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master list of Manhattan loft closings is up to date!

finally!No kidding around … no one else has this data. I have just completed the Master List of Manhattan loft closings, bringing it up to date with deeds filed as of February 5 (the most recent available as of this

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master list of Manhattan loft closings since November

this is The Big OneIt has been quite a while since I posted loft-closings-in-last-30-days, but I have not stopped keeping track of Manhattan residential lofts as they close. While there are many limitations in the data (discussed below), the collection

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