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not every buyer should panic: that scary New York Times article is right, to a degree

at least, not every buyer should always panic If you are a buyer actively searching for a Manhattan coop or condo, chances are good that someone you know or love has already scared you with In A Seller’s Market, Every

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Flower District loft at 133 West 28 Street sells at small discount after 11 months, 2 firms, only a $5,000 drop

why did that first contract fail?It is impossible to know this kind of thing from the outside, but there is a reason that the “1,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 133 West 28 Street took nearly a year to

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interesting pricing gambit does not work as 214 West 17 Street loft sells at 14% discount, 22% from first ask

how does that “if at first you don’t succeed …” thing work?No diversion today, as I missed a weekday of substantive Manhattan loft blogging. (if you are disappointed, call 3-1-1.) One way to look at the recent sale of the

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“great bones” 100 Hudson Street loft sells above where it “should” have

the best comps are close in time, size and location, with few adjustmentsApparently The Market thinks that the difference between “1,100 sq ft” of “great bones” and “1,100 sq ft” of “meticulous renovation” and “superb craftsmanship” is $92,500 in Tribeca.

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195 Hudson Street loft takes deep haircut to close up 385% (since last century)

speaking of low-balls …Since the “2,325 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 195 Hudson Street recently sold at $2.85mm after having been asking $3.5mm, you have to wonder just how low that negotiation started. A negotiated discount of 18.6% implies

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deconstructing NY Times article about combining apartments to increase value

how the Real Estate Industrial complex works, and why it is unhelpful for consumersMaybe you people are way ahead of me, but I realized something that seems insightful about the unholy alliance between real estate media outlets such as the

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104 Charlton Street loft takes 18% hit to close

mind the gapThose of us ‘brave’ enough to second-guess pricing strategy from the safety of past sales data for Manhattan lofts are intrigued by the history of a loft like #6W at 104 Charlton Street. It started at $2.55mm and

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O’Neill loft seller finally gives up, yet sells above ask at 655 Sixth Avenue

bizarre is in the eye of the beholderI don’t think that the most unusual thing about the sale of the Manhattan loft #2M at 655 Sixth Avenue (The O’Neill Building) is the synchronicity in that it sold on February 17

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a tale of 2 neighbors at 150 West 26 Street, with 1 hard bargain

‘tis a puzzlement Manhattan Loft Guy loves a puzzle, and a deed filed last Saturday provides one (not counting: they file deeds on Saturday??) … why did the Manhattan loft #901 at 150 West 26 Street sell on November 12

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real estate market psychology: about seller refusal to take a loss

just ‘cuz “everyone knows” doesn’t mean it is not trueYes, it is no great revelation to state as fact that apartment or loft sellers in Manhattan (and elsewhere) are reluctant to sell (even when “on the market”) if they can

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