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rising tide meets patient seller, so 13 Jay Street loft sells

April 4 listing leads to April 10 deal for Tribeca loft, though there were many holidays in between Far be it from Manhattan Loft Guy to tempt fate by saying something like “there’s nothing worse than …”, as Life can surprise you

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so many incorrect prices finally sell 73 Worth Street penthouse loft above ask

don’t see many June sales with snow in Manhattan loft listing photos It took four listing prices to sell the “1,997 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft #PHD at 73 Worth Street on June 26. One way to say it took

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Cobblestone Lofts seller surprised, disappointed that market at 28 Laight Street is so rational

… while fact-based outsiders smile The folks who just sold the “3,216 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3A at 28 Laight Street (Cobblestone Lofts) in the spillway of the Holland Tunnel in northernmost Tribeca thought a year ago they were selling

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price discovery can be hard, even for pros, as at 738 Broadway

marked down from $6 million! The “2,396 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 2nd floor at 738 Broadway (the Broadway McKenna Building) in the most NYU-ish stretch of Noho that sold for $3.85mm at Christmas started life as a $6mm listing.

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what is “original” about Tribeca loft that went for $1,438/ft at 109 Reade Street?

(mis) adventures in Manhattan loft babbling Sometimes I suspect that I take this stuff too seriously. When I read the broker babble for the “1,321 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 4th floor at 109 Reade Street I expected to

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400 shoes that used to live in 12 East 12 Street loft need a new home, carry big profit

hello old friend If you are a fan of well designed small lofts and a reader of Manhattan Loft Guy, you will remember the post I did about the tiny (“840 sq ft”) renovated loft with lots of shoes at

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Julliard loft at 18 Leonard Street sells up 6% since 2007 (meh!)

sellers got their $500 backLofts that sold in the second quarter of 2007 were definitely within the froth that characterized the overall Manhattan residential real estate market leading up to The Peak of sales recorded in the first quarter of

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99 Reade Street loft sales show sound and fury in market, but it’s no tragedy

unless The Market is down 8% in 4 monthsIf I told you that the Manhattan loft #5W at 99 Reade Street (Reade Court) closed on April 11 down % compared to #3W four months earlier, with the same footprint and

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did 525 Broome Street get value for the 2008 renovation?

paired sale shows apparent gain over 2008The major improvement to the Manhattan loft sales data I aggregated into a Google Docs spreadsheet and posted (as MLG #1,000 on August 23) (click here to access it in the cloud) is that

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NY Times highlight 142 Duane St sale, mis-counts weeks, omits land lease info

  garbage in, garbage out? The problem with relying on the NY Times sometimes for accurate information about Manhattan loft sales is that the Times has to rely on (shudder) real estate agents to supply "facts". That can lead to

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