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spectacular renovation of Village penthouse loft is not quite as well received as renovator hoped at 42 East 12 Street

Manhattan loft renovations don’t get much more gut than this In the broker babbling world, it seems that no modifier faces a bridge too far. Most often, these flights of linguistic fancy crash and burn (“unique” should be allergic to modifiers), but

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hyper-local loft market in northeast East Village is flat since March 2014

adventures in anomalous Manhattan loft sales, cont’d There’s ‘the forest’ of Manhattan residential real estate, in which median sales prices and average days on market are best viewed; then there are ‘the trees’ of Manhattan residential real estate, in which individual

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hyper-local penthouse loft market at Church + Leonard up 9% since January

resale was way up, but profit … don’t ask The guy who just sold the “2,135 sq ft” penthouse loft #5 at 249 Church Street may have worried when he paid 11% over the ask to buy it in what must

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the $2.5 million Manhattan loft solution, in the East Village, NoLIta & West Village

variety is, as they say, the spice of life in a downtown Manhattan loft So far, deeds have been filed for 34 lofts sold in April, as reflected on my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales under $6 million.

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2013 buyer of damaged Tribeca loft gains $500,000 by demolishing it

nobody sets out to do this (right?) Granted, outsiders to Manhattan loft sales never know why sellers or buyers do the things they do, but I will bet you a quarter the woman who just sold the “2,973 sq ft”

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nice flip at 73 Worth Street, but why is a foundation doing that??

there’s a wrong way to flip, and there’s this way After picking on a guy with so much money that he didn’t really care if his aborted flip burned a barrel of cash or not (in my February 26, 155 Franklin

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buy low, renovate well, sell high: easy-peazy at 366 Broadway

a conventional story downtown Manhattan, enhanced by beautiful renovation work I need to bring some balance, some rationality, to my consideration of loft renovation projects in Tribeca. Steven Soderbergh’s devil-may-care attitude is driving me a little crazy today (yesterday’s post, 155 Franklin

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155 Franklin Street loft sells in a reverse flip (viewer discretion is advised)

sometimes real estate doesn’t work out (or was it Life that didn’t work out?) [major updates at bottom] No matter what your interest is in the Manhattan residential real estate market, what happened to the recent sellers of the “3,532

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Gilsey House loft seller disappointed in setting building record at 1200 Broadway

… and in getting only 62% above 2010 purchase price Not many folks would be disappointed by beating the building record on a dollar-per-foot basis by about a quarter, but the listing history of the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft

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massive headline fail over first flip at One57, by folks who should know better

not chump change, but the actual gain is neither “close to $4mm” nor “$3.5M profit” Hat tip to The Real Deal blog yesterday for linking to Thursday’s New York Daily News report about the first unit to flip at the media magnet

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