Month: August 2009

161 Hudson Street closed after 14 weeks, up 33% (since 2004)

don’t worry about the interimThe Manhattan loft #2B at 161 Hudson Street had a pretty good run through the 2009 market, starting at $2.7mm in March, dropping twice in April (to $2.5mm) and closing June 30 at $2.41mm. That quick

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Porter House loft may be “beyond the beyond” but sells off a million, up 40% or down 25%

context tells the story, but what’s the context?The Manhattan loft #3W at 66 Ninth Avenue (The Porter House) was marketed very enthusiastically at prices The Market was not ready for. It cleared on June 23 at $2.15mm, which is a

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buying high, selling low (ouch) at 114 Spring Street

this one is difficult to fathom, my promise notwithstandingThe Manhattan loft #2 at 114 Spring Street has (and has had) a lot to recommend it: prime Soho location, "1,900 sq ft", 12 foot barrel-vaulted ceilings, bright lights and cast-iron views,

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early weekend diversion: Pie Chart

  a dish (plate) from the Daily DishThis made me laugh. COUNTDOWN: 10 … 9 … 8 … © Sandy Mattingly 2009

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170 Fifth Avenue closes AT 2007 (maybe)

isn’t that cool?There have been a series of Manhattan Loft Guy posts of late comparing 2009 clearing prices to 2005, or other prior sales. (This July 29 post canvassed quite a few, attack of the Killer Comp (when 2005 pricing

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another big developer haircut as 246 West 17 Street closes at 25% discount (again)

cutting to dealI hit some new developments that closed after significant discounts from their last asking prices on June 20 (developer haircuts at 15 East 26 Street, 333 West 14 Street, 50 West 15 Street + 246 West 17 Street)

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did a jazz fan or a muppet maniac buy Mingus's place at 5 Great Jones Street?

cue Cindy Adams(That’s for "only in New York, kids"….) The Manhattan loft #2 at 5 Great Jones Street was marketed for its character ("authentic artist" loft, 14 foot tin ceilings) and its provenance ("[o]nce the home of Jazz great Charles

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bidding war erupts VERY late, as 49 Warren St gut job closes

caution: follow all StreetEasy linksThis one is weird…. I began this post in my mind with a headline like "pricing it VERY right at 49 Warren Street" because the StreetEasy listing associated with the closed sale of this loft on

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2005 + 10%? that might work

There’s a lovely square loft newly available for sale in a prime Manhattan loft area that is asking about 10% more than the clearing price when it sold in June 2005. I think this is likely to be close enough

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“loft porn”, indeed (weekend diversion)

the wonders of the webI can’t remember how I got there, but clicking through one interesting link after another this morning led me to this review of The Mini Loft Bible at the LoftLife Magazine site. A magazine for "Loft

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