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reprise: the square foot problem, its obvious (!) solution, and the horror that it will not change

a long time ago on a blog very near at hand…For some reason I had someone comment this week on a rather old Manhattan Loft Guy post, reminding me of that November 3, 2010, the square footage dilemma: REBNY "leads"

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the square footage dilemma: REBNY “leads” by protecting brokers, not buyers

leadership? not so muchIt’s the day after Election Day* so you will read a lot about Leadership today all over the inter-tubes. But you won’t find any other “pundit” talking today about Leadership in the context of REBNY and one

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strong pricing hint on lovely loft for sale at 360 West 36 Street

exception to the rule (he’s begging me)Most Manhattan Loft Guy readers understand why I haven’t commented on identifiable current listings for the past year and a half. I am going to make an exception for a loft (a) that I

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March nugget / PruDE's signed contracts up for month

  limited data set, but something Long-time blogger / honest agent Doug Heddings has an interesting slice of current Manhattan coop and condominium market data from PruDE’s signed contracts files for weeks ending from March 6 through April 3. Go

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conflicted about new loft at 20 N. Moore Street [CAUTION: conflict alert]

new, with a past and a present#8E at 20 N. Moore Street is pretty new to the market (week before last), asking $3.45mm and $1,700/mo for "2,400 sq ft". I’d have blogged about it last week BUT it is my

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