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$5 million data points: unrealistic Manhattan loft sellers or market softening?

the numbers are intriguing One of the story lines coming out of the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex has been about supply in the luxury market (specifically, in new developments), with the (often implicit) question about

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revisiting the NY Times “time to PANIC!!!” piece with more (contrary) Manhattan loft sales data

what does “almost becoming the norm” mean in TimesSpeak?The inter-tubes are still buzzing over that main real estate article in Sunday’s New York Times, In A Seller’s Market, Every Minute Counts, which I hit in my same day post, June

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not every buyer should panic: that scary New York Times article is right, to a degree

at least, not every buyer should always panic If you are a buyer actively searching for a Manhattan coop or condo, chances are good that someone you know or love has already scared you with In A Seller’s Market, Every

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4 colors of downtown Manhattan loft momentum, again

  same colors, same story (buyer beware) Not a lot of analysis, or even fresh insight here … just counting. I just updated the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 (Note to Self … get back to

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downtown Manhattan loft market momentum in 4 colors

  a quick post for a busy day I just updated the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold Since November 2008 for the first time in a few weeks, getting up to date on deeds filed before March 24. You

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in which Manhattan Loft Guy bravely calls BS on the Market Trend Meme Of The Day

fools rush in …Refill your coffee cup if you intend to get beyond the first few paragraphs here. My executive summary is that the much-repeated meme accounting for the huge sales volume at the end of 2012 is probably BS

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OYATOMLG / 714 Broadway loft sale provoked on size, bidding wars, Peak values

a rich brewIt has been a while (yes, another Note To Self … reminder) since I have done any look-back posts, dipping into the Manhattan Loft Guy archives for posts that are one (OYATOMLG), two (TYATOMLG), or more years old

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penthouse loft at 17 Greene Street sells at ridiculous (adjusted) value after chopping, chopping

maybe this will be penthouse weekEven without considering the size difference, can there be any pair of penthouse lofts in prime Manhattan loft neighborhoods more different [oops! omitted those two words in the original] than yesterday’s please-gut-me 14 Jay Street

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loft with three mints at 130 Watts Street close off 5% from 2005

guessing at The PeakThe fact that the Manhattan loft #3N at 130 Watts Street sold on July 21 at 5% under where those sellers bought in October 2005 is (to me) interesting enough. That sequence lead me to ruminate about

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is the 2010 strength in Manhattan loft sales odd, or even notable in a Lake Wobegon sense?

absolutely: maybeI’ve been staring at the quarterly Manhattan loft market data in various metrics …. Blame it on The Miller (for giving me the numbers); blame it on Diane Ramirez (for calling the bottom); blame it on the Red Sox

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