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if you squint long enough, 44 Lispenard Street loft outperformed The Market

playing with numbers in Tribeca … just playin’ StreetEasy is hit-and-miss with past sales history of Manhattan lofts, but with the “1,527 sq ft” loft on the 3rd floor at 44 Lispenard Street (in the original triangle / trapezoid below Canal)

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setting a record in NoLIta, as 354 Broome Street loft with single window barely breaks $/ft record

Manhattan loft volume comes at a price at the (other) Ice House When we were last at 354 Broome Street, it was to note the setting of a new building record (on a price per foot basis), in my July

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stunning Tribeca loft with great light sells for $1,037/ft but it’s on Chambers Street, and 4 flights up

more exploration of the bottom layers of the downtown Manhattan loft market I’ve been hitting a bunch of (relatively) low-priced downtown Manhattan lofts lately (for the two of you who have forgotten how to scroll up: December 10, NoLIta neighbor buys neighbor’s

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90 Franklin Street loft beats upstairs neighbor by 22% only 14 months later

I didn’t know wenge was that valuable in a Manhattan loft I can see two principal differences between the last two south-facing units that sold in Franklin Tower across the border from prime Tribeca: the “2,633 sq ft” loft #7S

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OYAToMLG the ruthless stagers, revisited

one more time, againI still haven’t gotten around to tweeting them, so only the most faithful of Manhattan Loft Guy readers checked out my two weeks worth of pre-scheduled vacation posts from the archives earlier this month. (Note to self

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memory lane: how well do buyers see? (the decor test at 32 West 18 Street)

  One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. In my July 12, 2012, a tale of

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260 Fifth Avenue loft missed opportunity to sell before world found out about nearby development

  you do hate to see thatYou will often see a comment on Manhattan Loft Guy to the effect that a seller missed the best opportunity to sell (First Quarter 2008, aka The Peak) by being too aggressive in pricing,

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when life threw 2012 loft buyers at 49 East 21 Street a curve, The Market almost bailed them out

of course, a Market gain can be a seller (net) lossI can’t pretend to explain the 5% gain from April 2012 to January 2013 or to know why the April buyer became a January seller, but in the spirit of

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Manhattan Loft Guy readers are ahead of the Times about loft sale at 32 West 18 Street, by 7 months

though (just) behind the PostI am sometimes aghast, occasionally enthralled, and once in a while simply filled with wonder at the workings of the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Manhattan Media division. If you are an avid spectator of the Manhattan

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Dietz Lantern loft at 429 Greenwich Street sells for $1,186/ft with one wall

more to be added, probablyThis floor plan exemplifies one of the things I like about Manhattan lofts: the (general) absence of load-bearing elements gives a loft owner remarkable flexibility, well beyond the level the owner of a Manhattan “apartment” would

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