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more on the $5 million Manhattan loft market, a year over year look

difficulty at the $5 million level is not a new phenomenon for Manhattan lofts My post on Tuesday considered whether the December string of downtown Manhattan lofts that took a long time to sell around $5 million that I noticed

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tough floor plan, 105 Fifth Avenue coop loft sells at $1,416/ft

one more loft visit to the corner of 18th Street in prime Flatiron Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy don’t even need wonderful memories to know that I hit a loft with interesting ‘issues’ here in the Spring, which will

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huge Flatiron coop loft sale at $1,435/ft proves there is no accounting for taste

some very un-loft-y elements here at 73 Fifth Avenue Let’s start with the floor plan of the “3,100 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5B at 73 Fifth Avenue that sold for $4.45mm down at the bottom of Flatiron (northeast corner of

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loft lovers trade light on Fifth Avenue in Flatiron for dark space on 24th Street in Chelsea

Manhattan loft voyeurs unite! Long-time readers of Manhattan loft Guy know that I am interested somewhat obsessed with the choices that folks make when it comes to Manhattan lofts. The folks who traded the “1,750 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7B

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New York Times charmingly shows what a $233/ft Flatiron loft renovation looks like

Manhattan loft owners are not necessarily funnier than others, but they have more choices Maybe it is all the Auld Lang Syne-ing of late, but isn’t yesterday’s New York Times On Location feature in the Home & Garden section, Love

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same-loft resales are data points in The Market, not The Market itself (as at 208 Fifth Avenue)

granular data and the big picture I’ve been thinking about the quality of data, and about what data mean, in the Manhattan residential real estate market after my post about the StreetEasy Condo Index (October 5, in praise of StreetEasy,

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260 Fifth Avenue loft missed opportunity to sell before world found out about nearby development

  you do hate to see thatYou will often see a comment on Manhattan Loft Guy to the effect that a seller missed the best opportunity to sell (First Quarter 2008, aka The Peak) by being too aggressive in pricing,

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weekend diversion: photo spread of New York from days past [UPDATED]

caution: time suck aheadThanks to Curbed for pointing out yesterday its new favorite tumblr, which is now my new favorite tumblr. (Now added to the Favorite Links on the right, in fact.)  NYC Past has a great story behind it,

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there are 2nd floor lofts with better views than this 208 Fifth Avenue loft, but not many

kIller views, unless the tour bus idlesOne of my longstanding (unrequited) Manhattan Loft Guy Note(s) to Self … has to do with second story lofts, and whether there is a discernible market discount for lofts that may be as low

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unsold in Summer of 2008, 74 Fifth Avenue loft goes to war

yes, Virgina; timing is everythingThe recent sellers of the “2,475 sq ft” Manhattan loft #11A at 74 Fifth Avenue in the heart of Greenwich Village had poor timing the first time around. They tried to sell at $3.3mm from July

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