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playing the Euro card to great effect, 66 Ninth Avenue loft sells 31% over near-Peak

  pretty extreme bang for buck The facts are that the “1,735 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4W at 66 Ninth Avenue (in the old part of the Porter House) sold or $2,787,500 on July 3, 2008 and was just resold

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how the pros do it: raise the price, get the price for 66 Ninth Avenue loft

a new building recordThe media last week was all over the recent sale of the “2,271 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6W at 66 Ninth Avenue (the Porter House) because the seller is a retail real estate honcho. The stories (from

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beautiful Saturday diversion / beautiful city, time lapsed

these things never get old (for me, at least)This one, "both striking and soothing"(!), is worth 3:08 of your time. Who knew? The city that never sleeps, can soothe. It starts with the Flatiron and pauses in the Meatpacking, so

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comping is hard / the laboratory at 321 West 13 Street is rich

a Fall theme emergesYesterday’s post was not the only time I have offered “did I mention that comping is hard?”; it is only the most recent time. (Rather than use a list of links, I will let The Google do

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345 West 13 Street loft sale shows neighborhood change from 1999

you said meatpacking district, they say MePaWhen the Manhattan loft #5E at 345 West 13 Street closed on January 20 at $4.95mm it not only just squeezed in under the (arbitrary) $5mm upper limit I set when I started the

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345 West 13 Street loft is candidate for sale of the year, but the year was 2009

  [oops — left off the title for 45 minutes]December 2010 sale was pretty sweet, howeverIt seems like only yesterday that I was wondering whether a Manhattan loft that sold above ask after having been on the market forever was

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NoMad as new “it” micro-nabe? don’t hold your breath

from the Manhattan Loft Guy ‘to do’ listI noted this article from the Wall Street Journal when it hit the inter-tubes on October 8 (North of Madison Square Is Starting to Gel), cogitating on it, as it is a non-residential-neighborhood

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Porter House loft may be “beyond the beyond” but sells off a million, up 40% or down 25%

context tells the story, but what’s the context?The Manhattan loft #3W at 66 Ninth Avenue (The Porter House) was marketed very enthusiastically at prices The Market was not ready for. It cleared on June 23 at $2.15mm, which is a

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5 Sunday Open Houses from $3.1 to $3.5mm

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) 57 Bond Street #4E $3.45mm and $1,712/mo (condo) for “2,125 sq ft” of bling-bling finishes (circa 2003) on perhaps the bling-bling block in the

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