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Manhattan lofts running the bulls on Greene Street, large + pricey

2 Soho lofts took a week to contract just under $6 million Two large lofts on the same Soho block closed a day apart at very similar price points and very similar trajectories: the “2,964 sq ft” loft #4B at

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are Manhattan loft sellers more in sync with buyers this year? not really …

original loft asking prices are working with about the same frequency To my mind, an asking price for a Manhattan loft is successful when it generates an offer from a qualified buyer that leads to a contract (more successful if

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simple, right? don’t measure Market Trends by asking prices

but the NY Post doesn’t know that I did a quick hit on my Manhattan Loft Guy Facebook page after reading this November 28 puff piece from the NY Post, Apartments experiencing the ‘fastest market adjustment ever’, because I’m a skeptical guy (in

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more on the $5 million Manhattan loft market, a year over year look

difficulty at the $5 million level is not a new phenomenon for Manhattan lofts My post on Tuesday considered whether the December string of downtown Manhattan lofts that took a long time to sell around $5 million that I noticed

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$5 million data points: unrealistic Manhattan loft sellers or market softening?

the numbers are intriguing One of the story lines coming out of the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex has been about supply in the luxury market (specifically, in new developments), with the (often implicit) question about

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was the Manhattan coop loft market dead in 1Q09? Miller nugget provokes arithmetic angst

once more into the breachThis may be my last nugget from the Manhattan real estate market reports from the first quarter of 2009. Honors go to Miller Samuel:  The market share of new development sales jumped to 74.2% of all

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disconnect / sellers struggle to find The Market

The Miller graphs itInteresting graph on yesterday’s Curbed contribution from The Miller, Three Cents Worth: Listing Discount A Spiked Punch . Bottom Line is that what The Miller calls Listing Discount (the gaps between the last listing price and the

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creeping Manhattan inventory a feint or more creepy?

oracle of dataOver at Matrix, Jonathan Miller links to a chart he did for Crain’s New York Business showing that the number of coops and condos available for sale in Manhattan has gone up 15% from the end of December to

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seasonality of Manhattan inventory, not so much

numbers don’t lie, but they can confuseI put this one aside a week ago, not sure what it means. I have decided it does not mean much, except that it addresses a question that people sometimes ask, and that other

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it's the demand, stupid / Manhattan Q3 market numbers

not supply, but demand I usually focus on the inventory number as a key number in any Manhattan real estate market reports, but the inventory numbers this quarter are overwhelmed in significance by the demand number — the raw number

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