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a staging coup: did selling the kitchen of 42 West 13 Street loft work better than selling the terrace?

2 fine features, 2 very different outcomes, 1 obvious reasonThis one is for all you folks who doubt that staging a loft for sale can be proven to lead to an increased value. The natural world rarely provides such a

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will shill for friends / author's book reading tonight

no shame!After shilling (twice!) for a documentary about I. M. Pei by Anne Makepeace (and others) shown on PBS on March 31 (March 31, 9 PM on PBS: I M Pei documentary, March 24, shilling for I M Pei), it

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actual birthday of a President, February 12, 1809

  because not all Presidents were born on the same day!People of a certain age were schooled on the actual birthdays of at least two Presidents, a lesson made easier because (if memory serves) both were holidays then. Holidays nowadays

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