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Warren Street loft shows why Manhattan “lofts” comp by size, “apartments” by bedrooms

someone used a shoehorn in this Tribeca loft living room Way back when, in my first year as a professional residential real estate sales person in Manhattan, I accompanied a mentor on a series of buyer appointments. It being way

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loft at 65 West 13 Street disguised as prewar apartment sells at $1,572/ft

why do people DO these things??I am fascinated by things that don’t fit, such as a person selling a Park Avenue prewar to move to a classic loft, or an artist selling a Noho loft to move to the Upper

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did American Thread loft at 260 West Broadway sell on a formula in private sale?

or, do you believe in coincidence?I am always intrigued by private sales of Manhattan lofts, wondering whether they represent true arm’s-length transactions at The Market, or whether they should be ignored (and left off the Master List of Manhattan Lofts

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Chelsea House loft re-seller takes 51 weeks to get 7.5% discount, closing pennies below 2007 purchase

the birthday was a happy oneBy the time the sellers of the “1,250 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9F at 130 West 19 Street (Chelsea House) blew out one candle, the loft had been in contract for 5 days, so the

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129 Lafayette Street loft beats 2008 price, caps B-line frenzy

(there’s a trick involved)Yes, when the Manhattan loft #2B at 129 Lafayette Street sold on August 31 at $1.375mm, that price was an improvement of 18% over the last sale, in 2008. But that 2008 sale at $1.168mm was in

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turning 2 “lofts” into 1 “apartment” at 303 Mercer, then selling for $996/ft

I’m not offended, reallySome people just prefer to live in Manhattan “apartments”, instead of “lofts”. I get that, but it is unusual to see one of those “apartment” people buy adjoining lofts (with 11 foot ceilings, large windows, wide-plank flooring,

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counting errors at Soho Mews / “lofts” + 2 BR “apartments”

  look away to avoid a rantWhen I do my regular weekly report of sales and new listings for Manhattan lofts as of Sunday, the report will include 2 "lofts" reported today within the inter-firm data base as having sold

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