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rare small, low-ceiling Tribeca loft sells near $2,000/ft at 355 Greenwich Street

is there a scarcity premium for small lofts in Tribeca? There are not many true lofts in Tribeca around 1,000 sq ft. There are not many true lofts (in Tribeca or elsewhere) with ceilings just over 8 feet ‘tall’. There

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“efficient market” loses out to actual seller and actual buyer of 76 Madison Avenue loft

market extrapolation can be hard, but this loft sale comp is a non-sale of same loft Stop me if you’ve heard this before: an “index” is a proxy for The Market, just as a market report is a summary of

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darn 2006 flipper ate up all the profit of 15 Broad Street loft

fasten seat belt, pleaseThe story of the recent resale of the Manhattan loft #1202 at 15 Broad Street (Downtown by Starck) begins in 2006, when the loft was sold by the developer. Remember those days of froth? First buyer paid

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one Downtown by Starck loft pulls head above water, up 9% since 2006, another is down 4% since 2007

it gets complicated When the Manhattan mini-loft #2828 at 15 Broad Street in the uber-conversion modestly known as Downtown By Philippe Starck sold on May for $615,566, that seller realized a (gross) gain of $50,438 over the purchase from the

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The Market corrects a Cast Iron loft over-correction, as 67 East 11 Street loft sells above (reduced) ask

Aphorisms ‘R UsStop me if you have heard this before: if a seller sets a price that is ‘too low’ The Market has an opportunity to fix that price. When the little (“710 sq ft”) Manhattan loft #411 at 67

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why did The Market hate this small loft at 315 Seventh Avenue?

cue the head-scratching machineIn a world of weird, in which Manhattan Loft Guy is something of a connoisseur of weird, the October 14 sale of 315 Seventh Avenue #12A (the Kheel Building) for $620,000 caught my eye. This little loft

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all feet at 108 Wooster are square but not equal

a tale of two footprints My jaw dropped when I clicked on the floor plan for the new loft listing #5E at 108 Wooster Street. Celine Coudert of Corcoran is representing the sale for $1.275mm and $926/mo for “1,140 sq

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372 Fifth little loft / NY Times On The Market

  so small but so tall Sunday’s On The Market feature in the Sunday real estate section of the NY Times included a Manhattan loft that is only “744 sq ft”, #3P at 372 Fifth Avenue. This former mercantile space

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loft contracts galore this week / eastern edition

  As I said Wednesday, many Manhattan lofts came through the inter-firm data-base as In Contract this week; here are some from east of Fifth:   125 East 12 Street #1A is a triplex loft of “2,300 sq ft”, so

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