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more on the $5 million Manhattan loft market, a year over year look

difficulty at the $5 million level is not a new phenomenon for Manhattan lofts My post on Tuesday considered whether the December string of downtown Manhattan lofts that took a long time to sell around $5 million that I noticed

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$5 million data points: unrealistic Manhattan loft sellers or market softening?

the numbers are intriguing One of the story lines coming out of the Manhattan Media Division of the Real Estate Industrial Complex has been about supply in the luxury market (specifically, in new developments), with the (often implicit) question about

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255 Hudson Street loft sells 19% below 2007, after 15 months, 9 prices

and now for something completely differentEver get tired of reading about how hot hot hot The Market is? I don’t, but the recent sale of the “1,684 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 255 Hudson Street in “Soho” (I’ve expressed

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5 years later, small loft at 261 Broadway sells (angels rejoice)

  I spoke too soon yesterday One problem with doing daily blog posts about closed Manhattan loft sales is that one post can get eclipsed by another; what seems like an unusual specimen one day can diminish the next. If

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loft at 244 West 23 Street closes off 28% since 2007 with big roof deck

what a motivated seller looks likeAfter three days in a row of Manhattan Loft Guy posts about loft resales at curiously strong prices, consideration of the March 16 closing of the Manhattan loft #7A at 244 West 23 Street at

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11 West 20 Street sells after fits and starts

etymologically speakingThe most interesting thing about the recent sale of 11 West 20 Street #8 is not that this Manhattan loft has been described as "prefect" by one agent and as "stunning" by another yet only sold for $975/ft. The

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neighborly competition / laggard at 144 West 18 Street closes off 15% since December

first one to $1.7mm winsTwo Manhattan lofts at 144 West 18 Street (known, not poetically, as the Chainworks Building) closed 6 months apart. You won’t be surprised to learn that the one that closed 6 months ago (#4N) closed higher

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drip drip / price drops at 124 Hudson + 684 Broadway to and from $3.05mm

I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For information about why, check out end of an era for Manhattan Loft Guy / a new day dawns? from April

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drip campaigns / token price drops at 80 Warren and 66 Leonard

  how does a small price drop change the market? (Hint: not much)   I don’t know the specific history of 80 Warren St, but I know it is one of the first generation of Tribeca loft coop conversions (circa

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more price pain on 16 St /if you knew then what you know now

  4 W 16 St #8A drops a serious dollar I blogged about #8A at 4 West 16th St after a September price drop (puzzling price policy / slow death near Union Square) that turned out to be too little.

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