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my Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales has changed, just a bit

it’s still hard to track The Market, especially in a niche like downtown lofts Time for an update about my efforts to follow the downtown Manhattan loft market by tracking weekly (ahem, often weekly) newly filed deeds; more precisely, about how

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330 Spring Street loft sells near par from 2006 (an improvement)

  celeb buyer does the deed Don’t you get tired of this relentless seller’s market stuff, with lofts closing higher, higher, and higher? My buyers certainly do! So this post is for them (and, perhaps, you), recounting the details of

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2 years to contract for 139 Spring Street artist's loft

one birthday is bad enough…It is a little unfair of me to say it took two years for the recently sold “2,522 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3B at 139 Spring Street find a contract, even though the loft was brought

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[UPDATED] yes, the sales dam is finally broken for Urban Glass House lofts at 330 Spring Street

[NOTE the updated info below; and thanks to Reader Tim for the insight]The Market has established the clearing value for the buildingThough it took a really long time, the “1,410 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7C at 330 Spring Street (the

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New York Post scoops ACRIS with 330 Spring Street loft sale

of all things: news in a newspaper!Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I never expect to be surprised when reading compilations like the New York Post’s regular Thursday feature, Just Sold!, or the New York Times Sunday feature,

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what is the opposite of Soho?

this post is not about Soho (much), though it does involve Soho artistsAfter playing in the Soho artist-in-residence/real estate sandbox yesterday and again on Saturday, Manhattan Loft Guy takes a break to hit a town in Texas that might just

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505 Greenwich Street loft is up 8% since 2004, down 12% since 2006

in which it is better to have been the first owner than the secondEven if I had an easy way to search price histories for Manhattan lofts I don’t think I would find one quite like the zigging and zagging

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back into the Soho time machine, to Spring Street lofts circa 1972

The History Channel, againWe seem to be in the history cycle on Manhattan Loft Guy, and there is no telling when it will end. Today’s installment wanders back to 1972 Soho, when a few pioneers got together to buy a

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buying high, selling low (ouch) at 114 Spring Street

this one is difficult to fathom, my promise notwithstandingThe Manhattan loft #2 at 114 Spring Street has (and has had) a lot to recommend it: prime Soho location, "1,900 sq ft", 12 foot barrel-vaulted ceilings, bright lights and cast-iron views,

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Manhattan overall inventory down March-to-April (slightly)

just a nugget, not a trend (yet?)The Wall Street Journal’s on-line article Tuesday about a national trend in a decline in the number of homes for sale in 29 cities was based on a source that has no Manhattan data,

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