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Tribeca and Soho top the rankings in median price by neighborhood, of course

top line numbers are so … top lineThe graph associated with this Property Shark report about median prices for coops, condos and 1- or 2-family homes by New York City neighborhood, with 2012 v. 2011 and 2012 v. 2008 data,

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weekend diversion WITH (some, slight) Manhattan real estate content

playing with $/ft numbersThis is probably sandbox level ‘analysis’, but I counted the distribution of Manhattan loft resales on a dollar per foot basis yesterday, provoked by a StreetEasy discussion thread. I don’t follow those threads closely enough to appreciate

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comparing 2Q Manhattan loft data + overall market / the case of the missing lofts

   the race to publish ended with a boom this quarter The three major firm market reports for the Second Quarter 2009 came out last week, essentially at the start of the holiday weekend. You’ve probably seen enough of the

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more about that Second Quarter / Manhattan loft data

Yesterday I (finally) hit the big firm reports on Manhattan real estate transactions (and other stats) from the Second Quarter of 2008 (about that Second Quarter / data party like it is 2006). Today it is whatever data is reported

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