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all Soho is not alike: 12 Wooster Street loft sells for $869/ft after renovation

go figure (please show your worksheet)Even a sub-market like Soho has outliers. Regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know why Soho and Tribeca are high-end price outliers in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market (e.g., February 2, Tribeca and

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Tribeca and Soho top the rankings in median price by neighborhood, of course

top line numbers are so … top lineThe graph associated with this Property Shark report about median prices for coops, condos and 1- or 2-family homes by New York City neighborhood, with 2012 v. 2011 and 2012 v. 2008 data,

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(no irritating Ps but) more seller psychology / are loft-sellers more prone to ego errors?

  the Lake Wobegon effect? My P-filled post about sellers not adjusting to the current market (pseller psychology pstuck pso psales psuffer?) leads to wondering about Manhattan loft sellers.   Although my prior post talked a lot about ego-driven decisions

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