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Tribeca and Soho top the rankings in median price by neighborhood, of course

top line numbers are so … top lineThe graph associated with this Property Shark report about median prices for coops, condos and 1- or 2-family homes by New York City neighborhood, with 2012 v. 2011 and 2012 v. 2008 data,

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some Oct market data shows stable Manhattan market

Josh Barbanel in today’s NY Times Real Estate section has an article that refers to data consistent with his headline What Market Slump? The article is more directional than precise, and still reflects pre-mid-August-liquidity issues, but it gets us closer

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historical data / loft sales by quarter + year since 1998

collecting some numbersI plan to capture a few numbers this week on a for-what-its-worth basis, then at a later point consider what it actually may be worth. Here is the Miller Samuel data for the number of loft sales in

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If you pay any attention to real estate matters on the ‘net you are probably one of the people who made www.zillow.com one of the most popular internet real estate sites — within about a month of launching its beta site.

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