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ridiculous patience rewarded with sale of 263 Ninth Avenue loft at small discount

offered in October, contract in OctoberYou know that bit of Conventional Wisdom about how a listing that stays on the market for months without a price drop, it is at the wrong price and will need a price drop to

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how did $25,000 price drop do the trick for loft at 263 Ninth Avenue?

my fickle mistressIf there is one thing that I hope that regular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy have gotten from their reading is that “The Market” captures macro trends while the market value of individual properties are determined by individual

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why did 263 Ninth Avenue loft resale kick some serious butt?

one does not make a trendI have commented before that bright shiny objects (statistical outliers) tend to catch attention at Manhattan Loft Guy. Today’s bright shiny object is a resale at the 2005* condominium conversion of a former printing building,

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Heywood loft sale (263 Ninth Avenue) is candidate for strangest sale of the year

not a winner, yet, except in The MarketHaving just done end-of-year posts of personal and reader favorites from the Manhattan Loft Guy 2010 archive, I suppose it is natural for me to react to an odd listing history by wondering

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