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did Bouley learn to clean up after himself on Duane Street?

or did the rental market improve on its own?One implication of an item from yesterday’s New York Daily News Best Places Voyeur is that restaurateur David Bouley has cleaned up his act; another may be that lawyers who use a

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NoMad as new “it” micro-nabe? don’t hold your breath

from the Manhattan Loft Guy ‘to do’ listI noted this article from the Wall Street Journal when it hit the inter-tubes on October 8 (North of Madison Square Is Starting to Gel), cogitating on it, as it is a non-residential-neighborhood

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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for Manhattan Loft Neighborhoods / Tribeca loses Bazzini, gains Sarabeth’s

old to new, again (and again)The New York Observer noted yesterday that the long-awaited lease for Sarabeth’s has been signed, signaling the end of the Bazzini presence in Tribeca. If the story sounds familiar, that’s because the family that owns

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nice loft, great deck, but not so near work

if this is "near" so is Penn StationIt is always nice to see a beautiful Manhattan loft featured in the media, and this more-foodie-than-lofty item from The Observer does feature a beautiful loft. The loft in question is the Penthouse

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Saturday diversion / Tamarind in Tribeca

  nothing to do with Manhattan lofts, per seIf you like Indian food as much as I do, you’ve probably been to Salaam Bombay at 319 Greenwich Street in Tribeca and to Tamarind at 41 East 22 Street in Flatiron.

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