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not a seller’s market at 100 Greene Street, as loft sells under 2007 and 2005

  neighbors weep I don’t get this one: the same “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft in very prime Soho on the 2nd floor of 100 Greene Street that sold for $2.5mm in May 2005 and for $2.633mm in November 2007

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133 West 17 Street loft with open air + potential sells for $1,071/ft

the dog that did not barkSometimes a loft that does not sell tells you something as interesting about the market as a loft that does sell. For Exhibit A, I give you the "1,770 sq ft" Manhattan loft #5C at

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Collect Pond loft at 366 Broadway sells at $918/ft after missing The Peak

going emo on a business transaction There’s a mild puzzle in the recent sale of the “1,872 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3B at 366 Broadway (Collect Pond House) at $1.72mm, as it sounds like a beautiful loft that went for

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395 Broadway loft sells at $1,174/ft, a relative bargain to a gut job

is there a gut premium?The “1,163 sq ft*” Manhattan loft #11A at 395 Broadway just sold in mint-y condition at $1.365mm, or $1,174/ft, in the northeast corner of Tribeca. That compares very favorably to the last “A” line sale here,

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48 East 13 Street mint loft goes for $866/ft

is the (missing) 2nd bathroom so valuable?I am having some trouble with the last two sales in the Manhattan loft building at 48 East 13 Street. The “2,250 sq ft” #9B sold on October 27 for $2.85mm, but the “1,500

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1200 Broadway loft closes near 2009 ask

timing is (not quite) everythingThis story doesn’t get old (at least, not yet): a well-priced Manhattan loft sells after going into contract within a short time, at or near a price that failed in 2009. Today’s’ example is #5G at

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another sign that 2010 is not 2009, as 60 West 15 Street loft sells

today’s trend: trying again might workYesterday’s post, 12 examples of the (rapid) velocity of the Manhattan loft market, provided data confirmation that the velocity of the Manhattan loft market was pretty high, at least for the last three months. Today

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new loft price needs to be justified

asking 20% more for 2006 mints??When I first saw the listing description for a Manhattan loft brand new to market (chock full of mints, renovation news, adverbs and adjectives) I assumed that it is priced almost 20% above the 2006

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2006 + 30% = 2009? (or not)

pushy, pushyHaving visited both 2006 and Franklin Street in Tribeca on Wednesday (Aug 5, 155 Franklin Street crashes past 2006 to close up 28% (since 2000)), a Manhattan loft that sold more than 3 years ago around $850/ft caught my

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when you reach the right price … 105 Fifth Avenue closes

small discount, right priceThe Manhattan loft #7A at 105 Fifth Avenue closed on July 22 at $1.125mm, only a 4% discount from the (last) asking price of $1.175mm, proving that if you drop the asking price enough you don’t have

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