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agent sells Chelsea Mercantile loft from San Francisco

even north is a happier faceYou need to do some extra clicking on StreetEasy to get the full narrative on the successful marketing campaign that just got $2.2mm for the “1,586 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7G at 252 Seventh Avenue

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Chelsea Mercantile loft with few windows-per-foot sells without view at $1,040/ft (again!)

that courtyard is not a premium viewLong-time readers know how I feel about the Chelsea Mercantile building at 252 Seventh Avenue: the building that created the market for high-end residential lofts in this micro-nabe. (The 17 Manhattan Loft Guy posts

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water fountain view from Chelsea Mercantile loft worth only $1,040/ft

what would you pay for a (real) view?I had some fun in my January 20, privileged Chelsea Mercantile loft clears near $1,700/ft at 252 Seventh Avenue, talking about what spectacular views are worth at the Chelsea Mercantile (in two cases

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