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682 Broadway loft before ($1.295mm) & after ($2.75mm) gut renovation in 2013

I hope you’re not tired of the Guess The Budget game for Manhattan loft renovations I don’t think that I have ever been to a Sunday open house that was as crowded as the one for the pre-renovation “1,350 sq

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even a Chelsea Mercantile loft will struggle if over-priced

loft sellers can’t simply name their price, no matter a Chelsea loft icon In a world of bad (bad, bad!) news for buyers of Manhattan residential real estate, lofts and otherwise, there’s only a limited amount of cold comfort to be

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open eastern view is worth $425,000 at Chelsea Mercantile (approx) (at least)

minus the office, plus 12 floors of iconic Manhattan loft Few downtown Manhattan residential loft conversions have provided as much grist for the Manhattan Loft Guy mill as ‘The Merc’ aka Chelsea Mercantile aka 252 Seventh Avenue. It is, in

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saddest Chelsea Mercantile “penthouse” loft sells under $1,900/ft

nothing personal, but a great Chelsea loft condo should have great penthouses There is nothing wrong with the “2,002 sq ft” Manhattan loft #PHS at 252 Seventh Avenue that a name change wouldn’t fix. Not a name change of the

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why not? Chelsea Mercantile loft with forever views sells for $2,336/ft

quality sells, Chelsea brand name loft conversion, too; and views! Don’t take my word for it (I will prove it down below), but there are not many Manhattan lofts that re-sell at or above $2,000/ft, even before adjusting for outdoor

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not all lofts have open kitchens, least not at Chelsea Mercantile at 252 Seventh Avenue

  who knew?One of the hallmarks of residential loft-style living is an open kitchen; indeed, I would argue that this element was one of the early dividers between people who liked “lofts” compared to people who liked “apartments”. To generalize

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market corrects too-low price drop at Chelsea Mercantile, just as it's supposed to

Conventional Wisdom, vindicatedRegular readers of Manhattan Loft Guy know that I often observe that, absent a thin buyer pool, The Market will correct a price drop that is ‘too low’ by having multiple bidders push the clearing price above the

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Chelsea Merc neighbor loft at 245 Seventh Avenue sells at $1,284/ft

across the great divideYes, gentle reader, Manhattan Loft Guy has a thing for the Chelsea Mercantile, the turn of the century condo conversion at 252 Seventh Avenue. (There are 22 Manhattan Loft Guy posts tagged “Chelsea Mercantile” going back to

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no view needed to sell small 252 Seventh Avenue lofts at $1,339/ft, or at $1,593/ft

back to the Loft Lab that is the Chelsea MercantileIn my December 3, how to value light without also valuing views? The Miller gives it a shot, NY Magazine gives it a forum, I wondered just how many Manhattan lofts

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height matters for 51 Walker Street lofts, even 2 floors

if they are the right 2 floorsPerhaps it is Height Week on Manhattan Loft Guy … yesterday’s September 24, for 69 Murray Street loft, The Peak was then, and almost now, looked at different views, light and values from the

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