tiny loft sells at ask ($1,104/ft) at 217 West 14 Street

steps did not hurt (even down)
Having climbed up the stairs to get to the Manhattan min-loft #2F at  217 West 14 Street, you might be surprised to then climb down another 5 steps once you enter the loft. At only “720 sq ft” (per our data-base, not as on StreetEasy) there is a lot of funk built into this layout: there are still more steps (up!) to get to a sleep loft, and note the “width” of the bedroom and (in the 3rd pic) what a real bed looks like in that room.

But it is a wee bit churlish to snark about a loft that sold at ask, especially one above $1,100/ft sitting just one flight above a rather gritty stretch of as major a commercial thoroughfare as West 14th Street straddling Chelsea and the West Village.

So props are in order, steps or no steps, funk or no funk:

April 28 new to market $795,000
July 28 contract  
Nov 8 sold $795,000

The numbers just work, as the full price sale shows, especially as a condo with monthlies of only $618/mo.

Scrooge or Grinch?
With that success, it is still more churl to quibble with broker-babble leading with “super cool downtown loft” where the finishes appear to be .. nothing special. Nice bones, though: those high ceilings, exposed brick, tall windows (over 14th Street, remember), and that Manhattan loft stand-by, “hardwood floors”.

The price-per-foot is comparable to this “stunning” not-quite-as-small loft in prime Tribeca that came with an elevator (100 Hudson Street #3B) and higher than this “spectacular” much larger loft on the next block, again with an elevator (116 West 14 Street #8F), which was mentioned in my December 8, another loft sale at 116 West 14 Street shows that TLC is cheaper than you’d think.

They asked $795,000, and got it. ‘Nuff said. Back to leftover holiday dessert….

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