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yeah, 520 LaGuardia Place loft sold above ask, but was pricing modest?

compare to 2006 loft, wonder about renovation Bang! Zoom! That was the “1,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3N at 520 LaGuardia Place in lower central Greenwich Village flying through The Market above ask at $2.2mm: to market on April 27

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when beautiful things happen to high ceilings / 720 Greenwich Street loft sells big after mezzanine re-do

it’s nice when it worksHow big does the footprint of the Manhattan loft #1J at 720 Greenwich Street (floor plan here) look to you? Put aside for the moment the high ceilings that permit a mezzanine and do the math;

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when bad things happen to high ceilings: 250 Mercer Street loft sells at $650/ft

layout does not lay out very well [edited for grammar and typos] Even for a building that often has sales at relatively low values for the Greenwich Village market, the December 18 sale of the “1,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft

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what $50,000 worth of mahogany looks like: 260 Park Avenue South loft sells with 30 foot ceilings

for the imagination challenged, an exampleYou have probably never woken up in the middle of the night wondering “what does $50,000 worth of mahogany look like?” but this post will make sure that that never happens to you. The “1,662

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“bring your vision” loft at 111 Fourth Avenue sells +15% over 2004, nonetheless

or was it already the place “you’ve been waiting for”?It is probably a fool’s game to try to make too much sense of too much broker babble. But my edition of The Babble Primer would reserve a statement like “the

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Cast Iron loft at 67 East 11 Street sells off 7%

not all lofts flat since 2007, of course, of courseOne of my favorite and most interesting trend lines for the downtown loft niche in the overall Manhattan residential real estate market is this running count of lofts that sold in

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tiny loft sells at ask ($1,104/ft) at 217 West 14 Street

steps did not hurt (even down)Having climbed up the stairs to get to the Manhattan min-loft #2F at  217 West 14 Street, you might be surprised to then climb down another 5 steps once you enter the loft. At only

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price increase for 222 Park Avenue South loft gets the job done

fits and starts, dollars and senseSomething happened to the Manhattan loft #11E at 222 Park Avenue South, as it was on the market only two days at $2.99mm before going off the market for 4 weeks. Maybe they weren’t quite

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primitive loft at 16 Crosby Street sells above ask under $900/ft

was it the (lack of) maintenance?The “2,700 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2F at 16 Crosby Street was available for only a short time, coming to market on July 15 at $2.35mm, going to contract by August 8, and closing on

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111 Fourth Avenue combination loft closes after 19 months at 30% off original ask

can you see a premium for a combined space?It should not be a surprise if the sellers of the Manhattan loft combination #2HIJ at 111 Fourth Avenue expected to be paid a premium for having put together 3 small lofts

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