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225 Lafayette Street loft sale tells me private seller did a great job in 2012

sometimes the most interesting thing about a Manhattan loft sale is insight about the past On its own merits, the recent sale of the “1,498 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9C at 225 Lafayette Street just past the edge of Soho

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Beach Street loft neighbor expands, takes out neighbor at fair price

  once more into the breach … er … beach The recent private sale of the “1,722 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 62 Beach Street in the Fischer Mills Building for $3.05mm ($1,771/ft) fascinates me. I always wonder how

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caution: use 75 Ludlow Street loft sale as a comp at your own risk

check the dates and namesTechnically, there has been a single resale at this 2008 new development, with the “1,646 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 75 Ludlow Street having sold last month for $1.6mm. The prior sales here were by

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private loft sale at 150 Nassau Street might be an arm’s length deal

or notAlready a Manhattan Loft Guy fave building, the newest sale there is an apparently private, possibly arm’s length deal transferring the “1,793 sq ft” Manhattan loft #16C at 150 Nassau Street from an Inc. to an LLC for $1.7mm.

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29 East 22 Street loft sellers take the money and run (up 41% since 2010 purchase)

nice work, if you can get itI can’t tell how the recent sellers of the “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5N at 29 East 22 Street bought the place in 2010, but I can see what they paid then, and

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did American Thread loft at 260 West Broadway sell on a formula in private sale?

or, do you believe in coincidence?I am always intrigued by private sales of Manhattan lofts, wondering whether they represent true arm’s-length transactions at The Market, or whether they should be ignored (and left off the Master List of Manhattan Lofts

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did Chelsea Mercantile loft sell at a record by accident at 252 Seventh Avenue?

Don Corleone, call your officeThere are not many non-penthouse lofts in the iconic Chelsea Mercantile condo that have sold on a $/ft basis anywhere near the range of the “1,517 sq ft” Manhattan loft #17B at 252 Seventh Avenue, which

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29 East 22 Street loft closes off 40%

(from first ask, to last gasp)When the Manhattan loft #5N at 29 East 22 Street came to market in May 2008 at $2.75mm, they did not realize that The Peak was behind them. Painful hindsight 2 years later told them

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