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the yield after renovating 71 Nassau Street loft? 5% over 2006 (ouch)

numbers collide, a little painfully, for FiDi loft on resale It’s not bad enough that the folks who just unloaded the “1,376 sq ft” Manhattan loft #15A at 71 Nassau Street (the Croft Building) for $1.348mm paid $1,282,995 when they

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little loft with great low floor light sells at $993/ft at 130 Nassau Street

a few topics of interest The recent sale of the “901 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3J at 150 Nassau Street is interesting for several things, but the first thing that caught my eye was the broker babble “some of the

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private loft sale at 150 Nassau Street might be an arm’s length deal

or notAlready a Manhattan Loft Guy fave building, the newest sale there is an apparently private, possibly arm’s length deal transferring the “1,793 sq ft” Manhattan loft #16C at 150 Nassau Street from an Inc. to an LLC for $1.7mm.

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market for 150 Nassau Street lofts is en fuego, as another record falls

a reader writes with the back storyI am a lucky Manhattan Loft Guy, lucky to have readers who email not only with suggestions about future posts but who also include a behind the scenes back story. The late-breaking public news

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150 Nassau Street loft takes 4 tiny price drops + 8 months to get deal

is “important” a new category of renovations?On the one hand, I applaud an agent’s attempt to think outside the box (or, outside The Broker Babble Primer); on the other hand, I am not sure how I feel about “important renovations”.

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150 Nassau Street loft sells for building record

becoming a Manhattan Loft Guy faveBy the tiniest of margins, the recent sale of the “1,793 sq ft” Manhattan loft #13C at 150 Nassau Street set a new high on a dollar-per-foot basis for this handsome building. It is a

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150 Nassau Street mini-loft sells at about 2004 pricing

off 14% from 2007, 9% from 2005You know that I love to talk about where a recent loft sale fits on the calendar, meaning whether a recent loft sale was at par with a past resale in, for example, 2007.

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did your attorney use The Google for due diligence? would help at 150 Nassau Street

Note to Self …When I see a news article like the one today on DNAinfo in which a city official says there are "imminent safety concerns" over facade work being done at the Manhattan loft building 150 Nassau Street, I

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private sale of 150 Nassau Street loft with high-floor premium or neighborly extortion

first look can be deceiving (see update below about due dilgence here)When I saw that the “1,723 sq ft” Manhattan loft #19A at 150 Nassau Street (at the corner of Spruce Street and opposite City Hall Park, basically under the

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more on that $100,000 view in small loft at 150 Nassau Street, with a Landmarks bonus

different values to different buyersI am not going to say that The Guy I profiled yesterday who traded one small loft at 150 Nassau Street for $876/ft for another small loft on the same floor at $1,020/ft kept me up

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