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B side of the hyper-local market at 51 Walker Street is up 25% since 2011

more or less, in theoryOf course a continual theme on Manhattan Loft Guy is how a specific data point (loft sale) relates to The market over time, often by reference to a specific set of market conditions in which the

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backstory to New York Times about buying a wrecked loft at 37 Walker Street

Manhattan Loft Guy readers (again) keeping ahead of the Times …Nice piece by Constance Rosenblum as the main story in the Real Estate section in today’s New York Times, Not Too Shabby, about Manhattan residential real estate buyers increasingly looking

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walking up is hard to do: primitive loft at 37 Walker Street sells with 4 flights of stairs down 5% since 2006, sorta

how many stairs in the listing?I am going to try very hard not to snark (too much) about the broker babble that supported the recent sale of the sizzling pad (oops) “2,191 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the top two

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more skirmishing: 58 Walker Street loft zooms through market above ask

what is short and sweet, and worth $1,258/ft?The “1,927 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 58 Walker Street had a short and sweet marketing campaign: to market on August 6 at $2.395mm, in contract at $2.425mm by

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height matters for 51 Walker Street lofts, even 2 floors

if they are the right 2 floorsPerhaps it is Height Week on Manhattan Loft Guy … yesterday’s September 24, for 69 Murray Street loft, The Peak was then, and almost now, looked at different views, light and values from the

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minty 45 Walker Street loft sells under $1,000/ft with no discernible big loft premium

a Big Gulp indeedThere’s a lot to be distracted by about the “4,781 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 45 Walker Street in northeastern Tribeca (triple mint renovation in a classic Tribeca loft space, the scale of

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45 Crosby Street loft seller wins staring contest, sells at overall 9% discount before birthday

being stubborn can payThe sellers of the “2,000 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6N at 45 Crosby Street wanted to get their price: holding at $2.85mm for 6 months, then holding at $2.75mm for the next 4 months that it took

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57 Walker Street loft sells for 21% more than neighbor a year ago

overly restrained babble is pretty much unheard ofHave I mentioned lately that (yes) … comping is hard? When the “1,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4B at 57 Walker Street sold on October 12 at $2.04mm, that closing capped a successful

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raise the price to get the price, as Lion's Head loft sells after oddly successful campaign

up 7.5% since 2007This is one of those days on which I see Manhattan Loft Guy as a collector of curios, a collection of just one damn Bright Shiny Object after another. Today’s BSO is the “1,990 sq ft” Manhattan

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when neighbors really compete, market can be quite efficient, as at 58 Walker Street

head-to-head and dollar-for-dollarUnlike the neighboring Cobblestone Lofts I hit on August 6 (28 Laight Street loft sale under-performs neighbor’s sale) that engaged in a serial competition for buyers, the two lofts that recently sold at 58 Walker Street directly competed.

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