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new 44-story hotel in Chelsea to crimp some loft views

that’s what (sometimes) (eventually) happens if your sightline goes over a Manhattan parking lot [updated] Another day, another new hotel announced …. The Real Deal had the news yesterday that a parking lot at 144 West 28 Street that sold

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how much did the bathtub cost this Chelsea loft at 151 West 28 Street?

you know what they say about idiosyncratic design choices The Flower District is hardly a fringe area for Manhattan lofts, so it is a little surprising to see an architect-designed loft with “sleek” kitchen and improvements such as central air

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133 West 28 Street loft sale shows the squeeze in 2-bedroom buyers

  an enthusiastic result I am as much a fan of broker babble as the next guy (or Guy) and I appreciate enthusiastic attempts to make linguistic lemonade out of limited assets. The babble for the recently sold and hotly

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Flower District mini-loft sells above ask but flat to 2007 at 131 West 28 Street

Go To War Week continuesI can never top Shark Week, but this is the third post in a row about a Manhattan loft that sold above asking price. In the other two posts (August 12, from raw to mints, 14

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New York Times explains “how to land a loft”

  I take this personally The headline feels like Manhattan Loft Guy bait, at least to me: the latest Michelle Higgins Sunday real estate piece in the Old Grey Lady is How To Land A Loft (in tomorrow’s physical paper,

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West 28 Street development site in the news (again)

some stories write themselvesOf course I started thinking about the past Manhattan Loft Guy series about how developing neighborhoods (such as the typical Manhattan loft neighborhoods) develop, that is to say, change, when I saw this piece in the Commercial

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Flower District loft at 133 West 28 Street sells at small discount after 11 months, 2 firms, only a $5,000 drop

why did that first contract fail?It is impossible to know this kind of thing from the outside, but there is a reason that the “1,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6C at 133 West 28 Street took nearly a year to

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NY Post goes into the way back machine: Flower District in 1979

fur on the walls, gardenias in the airWonderful piece in today’s New York Post real estate section about an artist / mystery writer and wife who moved into a Flower District loft in 1979 that had last been a furrier’s

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development watch: West 28 Street, between 6th & 7th Avenues

whose backyard is it, anyway?Some stories are perennials. For the Manhattan media wing of the Real Estate Industrial Complex it might be one merging trend (families move to suburbs for quiet!) or its opposite (families move back to city because

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151 West 28 Street loft sells at $694/ft, $400,000 short of triple mint

the value of a dreamThe recent sale of the “1,845 sq ft”* Manhattan loft #2W at 151 West 28 Street (Groff Studio) is a rather clean indication of how The Market values condition, as its create-your-dream marketing campaign competed directly

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