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open eastern view is worth $425,000 at Chelsea Mercantile (approx) (at least)

minus the office, plus 12 floors of iconic Manhattan loft Few downtown Manhattan residential loft conversions have provided as much grist for the Manhattan Loft Guy mill as ‘The Merc’ aka Chelsea Mercantile aka 252 Seventh Avenue. It is, in

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Franklin Tower loft at 90 Franklin Street zooms through market, into 2007

who will argue with success?The recent sale of the “2,633 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7S at 90 Franklin Street (Franklin Tower) was a success in the sense that it sold quickly (21 days to contract) at a small discount (3%).

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mystery sale at 130 West 19 Street: did Chelsea House private sale leave a bad comp in neighbors’ mouths?

is this sacrilege?This will be short, as it is too late for an old guy to be blogging, but that’s what happens when you run around all day and don’t blog…. Very interesting sale of the “1,250 sq ft” Manhattan

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