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nice pics help sell underwhelming 77 Hudson Street loft at $1,089/ft in prime Tribeca

nicer than I remembered itThe listing photos for the “1,711 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 77 Hudson Street show a loft with some “classic” elements, as advertised (chiefly, the truly massive columns and beams, less so

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Franklin Tower loft at 90 Franklin Street zooms through market, into 2007

who will argue with success?The recent sale of the “2,633 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7S at 90 Franklin Street (Franklin Tower) was a success in the sense that it sold quickly (21 days to contract) at a small discount (3%).

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telltale $9 shows bidding war for 100 Hudson Street loft

seriously: what’s so special here?The fact that the “1,080 sq ft” Manhattan loft #8E at 100 Hudson Street recently sold with the last digit being “9” tells you that the loft almost certainly sold after a bidding war; that the

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old school loft at 60 Grand Street, dressed up without walls, did not sell at $1,224/ft

a late conversion (2007)I wish I knew the back story about this very late Soho condo conversion. Certainly not a lot was done to the interior space of the “2,150 sq ft” Manhattan loft #7 at 60 Grand Street that

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Soho gut job for $762/ft, as 81 Grand Street loft sells after 14 months, 5 price drops

did I mention that comping is hard?This one hurts. The “1,575 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 81 Grand Street sold on January 17 at $1.2mm, apparently in line with the sale of the 4th floor in

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105 Hudson Street loft sold at $1,241/ft with great light but needing TLC is news only to Old Grey Lady

the Real Estate Industrial Complex, Media Division, strikes (late) The fact that the November 1 sale of the “2,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft #10S at 105 Hudson Street (the Powell Building) was featured in Residential Sales Around The Region in

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butter and egg loft at 176 Duane Street sells at $1,889/ft

where is your “prime Tribeca”?You could argue about where the most prime Tribeca micro-nabe is, but ti should not take too long. I can see a case for N. Moore Street or Franklin Street, both between Varick and Hudson, and

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prime Soho original artist loft at 100 Wooster sells immediately for $600/ft

another one bites the dustThe “2,000 sq ft” “classic”, “quintessential”, “rare”, “authentic” artist loft I hit last week (July 21, no mistaking the condition of artist loft at 184 Grand Street that sold for $710/ft) sold for (you guessed, right?)

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2005 + 10%? that might work

There’s a lovely square loft newly available for sale in a prime Manhattan loft area that is asking about 10% more than the clearing price when it sold in June 2005. I think this is likely to be close enough

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developer haircuts at 15 East 26 Street, 333 West 14 Street, 50 West 15 Street + 246 West 17 Street

taking the money and runningIn looking at recent loft sales, I came across these five cases (in four buildings) in which a Manhattan loft developer took a pretty good discount from the last asking price to close a deal. In

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