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Taylor Swift doesn’t care about your “Market Rules”

Citizen-journalism gets to the bottom of a Tribeca loft mystery I had a fun weekend diversion, prompted by a question from Tribeca Citizen (the essential Tribeca blog) about someone who seems to have significantly overpaid for a loft at 155

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110 Duane Street penthouse loft owner loves it so much he bought another one

 no extortion evident in this neighbor-to-neighbor Tribeca loft  sale Whoever is behind the LLC that bought the “2,254 sq ft” penthouse loft #PH3N a year ago October from the developer for $3,309,312 just bought  the “2,297 sq ft” penthouse loft

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for 69 Murray Street loft, The Peak was then, and almost now

off by a rounding errorThe “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 8th floor at 69 Murray Street that sold in a very Peak-y sale on January 31, 2008 at $2.275mm just resold in the same condition at $2.25mm. That’s

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indispensable source tracks commercial upgrades on Murray Street

ch … ch … ch … changes (slowly, perhaps surely)The go-to guy for hyper-local street level news in Tribeca, the intrepid Tribeca Citizen, this week has hit a few instances of the changing storefronts on Murray Street in southeast Tribeca.

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90 West Broadway loft bought at auction dresses up for magazine photo shoot

shown for life + design, not sale One of the regular features in the must-read Tribeca Citizen is “Loft Peeping”, which today linked to an unidentified “3,500 sq ft” loft featured in New York Magazine’s Design Hunting title. Lofts featured

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another day, another parking lot to be developed / Varick Street Tribeca edition

more View Diligence due [UPDATED] The guy at Tribeca Citizen had a nice catch yesterday in response to a reader’s jackhammer question: building permits for the parking lot on Varick Street opposite the First Precinct. The Department of Buildings permit

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Saturday diversion / tweeterful Tribeca

small bitesTweeting is not in the Manhattan Loft Guy tool box (140 character limit?? puh-leeze!), but I like a good tweet as much as the next guy. Tribeca Citizen, a blog that needs to make the MLG updated list of

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