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more on the $5 million Manhattan loft market, a year over year look

difficulty at the $5 million level is not a new phenomenon for Manhattan lofts My post on Tuesday considered whether the December string of downtown Manhattan lofts that took a long time to sell around $5 million that I noticed

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Cooper Square loft triples in value, disappointing owner

is it the exposure, Mars? The anonymous folk who just sold the “2,571 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 62 Cooper Square (Carl Fischer Building) for $4.6mm didn’t quite triple their money, as they had purchased at $1.553mm, but close enough.

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808 Broadway penthouse loft lost 15% of value since 2007

dramatically different dynamics result in regressionWhen the duplex Manhattan loft with private roof deck #PH-C at 808 Broadway sold on October 1, 2007 it was the belle of its ball, sparking a bidding war to close at $1,987,000, a 5%

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why did Carl Fischer loft re-sell at 62 Cooper Square for +21% over 2008?

do my questions suggest I am getting dumber?I can’t say that I really enjoy taking note of things that happen in the Manhattan real estate market that I don’t understand, but they do interest me. I hit one such interesting

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more not-staying-the-same, East Village edition / will a developer develop?

maybe they are diversifying down?Gothamist is calling the new nabe Extell-land, referring to the East Village area bounded by 10th and 14th Sts, 2d Av and Av B, since the Extell Development Corporation bought 17 buildings in that grid. The

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