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caution: use 75 Ludlow Street loft sale as a comp at your own risk

check the dates and namesTechnically, there has been a single resale at this 2008 new development, with the “1,646 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 75 Ludlow Street having sold last month for $1.6mm. The prior sales here were by

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for Memorial Day, remember & learn before eating & drinking

reprise I & reprise III don’t think I can put it any better than I said it two years ago: Every American service member who has died in service is a tragedy for his or her family and for a

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100 days later, do not visit tomorrow

a streak that deserves to be brokenA housekeeping note for fans: do not come here looking for a new post tomorrow. I am taking the day off for Easter and the birthday of my Manhattan loft gal. There’s a nice

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a penthouse premium + a non-comp loft sale at Chelsea Mercantile, 252 Seventh Avenue

relish one, ignore other When the Manhattan loft #PH-L at 252 Seventh Avenue at the top of the Chelsea Mercantile closed on December 16 at $2.416mm for its “1,510 sq ft”, it continued the high-floor-premium trend at The Merc. When

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same day, another year

This year I am only going to offer two quotes from a mother who lost a daughter and a not-yet-grandchild that day, taken from her essay, The Sensitivities of 9/11 Families: Since that morning, time in my world is no

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65 West 13 Street “sale” is not a “sale”

less here than meets the eyeYou will not find the recent "sale" of the Manhattan loft 65 West 13 Street #9C in the Master List of Manhattan loft sales since November 2008 because I refuse to believe that it is

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2 cuts (deep), 5 months (short) to contract at Dietz Lantern, 429 Greenwich Street

getting it doneThe Manhattan loft Unit 6B at 429 Greenwich Street, northwest Tribeca’s Dietz Lantern building, closed on December 22 (deed filed January 8) at $2.45mm, the culmination of a fairly serious marketing campaign. They started in May at $2.999mm

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R I P Herbert Watnik 9.21.1921 to 11.25.2008

  Personal note here, that feels appropriate to ‘express’ on *my* blog though this must surely violate someone’s notions of etiquette …. My father-in-law died last evening at 10:21 PM of (in my lay terms) complications from pneumonia after having

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mea culpa

MLG withdrawalI hope I am not the only one who has been suffering from Manhattan Loft Guy withdrawal this week…. I am just back from a family trip to Florida (wife’s Spring Break; daughter’s new job and apartment; father-in-law’s brother),

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124 Hudson is new + terraced

[update 12.4.08: I have restored this post (below), as the reasons for having removed it in April no longer obtain] I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For

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