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the perils in following Manhattan loft deed filings, unhappy family edition

not so much a diversion as a quick hit, this one of a Chelsea loft that did not “sell” as reported Manhattan Loft Guy blog posts have been pretty infrequent of late (Note To Self …) so in the spirit of

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ignore this loft “sale” at 114 Mercer Street

no length between the armsOne of the risks in looking at closed transactions in Manhattan loft buildings is that things are sometimes not what they seem. Or, that they are exactly what they seem if you look a little closer.

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divorce + dollars / 111 Hudson Street loft sale is painful on several levels

got coffee?I had some buyers who were almost-but-not-quite-interested in the renovation project that is the Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 111 Hudson Street, so I was intrigued enough when it sold on June 28 to track back a

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measuring arm's length / not a real “sale” at 125 East 12 Street

  this is hard work, fraughtHaving gone on record on Friday (sign of a thaw? 147 West 22 Street closes up 9% over 2006, 263 Ninth does not) with a commitment to bringing th Manhattan Loft Guy Master List of

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