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it’s the exposures, Mars; why stunning loft at 161 West 15 Street sold under $1,200/ft

making the most of what you’ve got didn’t help this Chelsea loft (much) In a world in which a Manhattan loft needing a great deal of work can sell near $1,200/ft, it is rather jarring to see that the “1,200

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loft at 27 N. Moore Street sells a tad low after public auction

a difficult data point as a compMy first thought on seeing that the notorious “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3C at 27 N. Moore Street (the Ice House; not the other [first] Ice House) has closed after that public auction

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motivated seller sells off 10% since 2007 at Chelsea Mercantile

can a tragic bargain be a market sale?The spread between the recent full-ask sale of the “1,631 sq ft” Manhattan loft #16H at 252 Seventh Avenue (long-time Manhattan Loft Guy fave, Chelsea Mercantile) and the price at which it was

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a penthouse premium + a non-comp loft sale at Chelsea Mercantile, 252 Seventh Avenue

relish one, ignore other When the Manhattan loft #PH-L at 252 Seventh Avenue at the top of the Chelsea Mercantile closed on December 16 at $2.416mm for its “1,510 sq ft”, it continued the high-floor-premium trend at The Merc. When

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no listing, but VERY motivated buyer for O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue greases a move to Tribeca

indeed, a unique buyerSometimes there’s a story you can figure out about a Manhattan loft that sells without having been offered publicly through a real estate brokerage. And sometimes there’s a story you can figure out about an anomalous sale.

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how to sell a loft quickly? (not a secret!) another 808 Broadway loft does it

modesty rewarded, as usualThe Manhattan penthouse loft 808 Broadway #PHA [Renwick] is an excellent example of what truly motivated sellers do. (Not the sellers who will sell if I get $Xmm, but the sellers who will sell, what can I

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pricing right to (yes!) sell quickly at 55 Liberty Street

how tall is that eye candy in the window?When I was playing around yesterday in Tribeca, at the "intersection" of West Broadway at N. Moore and White Streets, Tribeca’s crowded townhouse corner: West Broadway at N. Moore + White, I

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50 Walker Street loft sells with huge deck, NY Observer observes

how to value the deck??I am going to have to struggle some other time with applying The Miller’s approach to valuing outdoor space to this beautiful Manhattan loft #6B at 50 Walker Street that sold on July 13 for an

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if at first … 24 East 22 Street closes after trying again, and again

a long strange tripThis is one of those posts that changed 180 degrees in a long gestation. It had a simple starting point (a Manhattan loft sold that had been marketed in 2006), with an extended series of didn’t sell

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876 Broadway comes + goes QUICKLY / knowing what you can get, and getting all of it

if you blinked, you missed itThe Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor of 876 Broadway hit the Market on April 26, hard, at $1.995mm. So hard, in fact, that they were in contract five weeks later 2.3% off the ask.

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