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rising tide meets patient seller, so 13 Jay Street loft sells

April 4 listing leads to April 10 deal for Tribeca loft, though there were many holidays in between Far be it from Manhattan Loft Guy to tempt fate by saying something like “there’s nothing worse than …”, as Life can surprise you

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difficult penthouse loft sells above ask at 399 Washington Street

  attention to some details, not others The “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft on the 5th floor of 399 Washington Street at a funny little corner in Northwest Tribeca has many surface similarities to the raw-to-mints-in-3-years loft that I

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from raw to mints, 14 Jay Street loft doubles in value

  old market news, newly closed The recently sold “1,620 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at 14 Jay Street is a rather recent sale (July 15) but it does not reflect the recent market: the deal that

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particularly deep trough discovered, as 335 Greenwich Street loft sells 31% over 2009

some stories never get oldI can’t explain why, but I take particular pleasure in noting Manhattan loft sales that hit a particular narrative. In this case, the narrative for the recent sale of the “1,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5A

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West Village owner sells above ask to buy 335 Greenwich Street loft above ask

what goes around, comes aroundThe October 14 sale of the “1,600 sq ft” Manhattan loft #9A at 335 Greenwich Street (aka 20 Jay Street and the Hanover River House) earned the green on the Master List of Manhattan Lofts Sold

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penthouse loft at 17 Greene Street sells at ridiculous (adjusted) value after chopping, chopping

maybe this will be penthouse weekEven without considering the size difference, can there be any pair of penthouse lofts in prime Manhattan loft neighborhoods more different [oops! omitted those two words in the original] than yesterday’s please-gut-me 14 Jay Street

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14 Jay Street penthouse loft sells in a small mystery, with numbers that are mysterious

details lacking, until you find themThe mystery of the August 30 deed at $2.3mm for the “penthouse” at 14 Jay Street is not that StreetEasy found “[n]o listing associated with this closing”, because it hardly takes a Holmes to connect

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Manhattan loft porn at 16 Jay Street / you know you want it

Apartment Therapy was my enabler, this timeI put the link about a beautifully done loft at 16 Jay Street (below) aside when it was featured on the Curbed March 9 Linkage (in good company!), intending to drool publicly about it

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no listing, but VERY motivated buyer for O’Neill loft at 655 Sixth Avenue greases a move to Tribeca

indeed, a unique buyerSometimes there’s a story you can figure out about a Manhattan loft that sells without having been offered publicly through a real estate brokerage. And sometimes there’s a story you can figure out about an anomalous sale.

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Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle for Manhattan Loft Neighborhoods / Tribeca loses Bazzini, gains Sarabeth’s

old to new, again (and again)The New York Observer noted yesterday that the long-awaited lease for Sarabeth’s has been signed, signaling the end of the Bazzini presence in Tribeca. If the story sounds familiar, that’s because the family that owns

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