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NY Mag goes there: do coop boards reject prices as 'too low'?

real sources, with real storiesI am tempted to try to find that Soho loft that leads the short S.Jhoanna Robledo October 23 piece in New  York Magazine that is making the rounds of the blogosphere and twitterverse (The Dealbreakers /

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are shareholders aware when they reduce value?

anecdotes illustrate, MLG goes on and onInteresting post last week by the ever-thoughtful proprietor of True Gotham, Market Heats Up? and Your Building’s No Pet Policy May Be Costing You a Fortune. I am most interested in the second part of

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power of a coop board to reject a deal as “too low”??

protecting shareholders from market value???The Real Deal on-line June 16 flagged an interesting little item in a relatively obscure periodical that is mostly read (if at all) by Manhattan coop and condo boards, Habitat Magazine. With a tip of the

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coop boards behaving badly / 32 Gramercy Park South edition

you can’t make this stuff upTip of the Manhattan Loft Guy hat to Gothamist for pointing to the NY Post article and one in the Daily News reporting that the coop board at 32 Gramercy Park South has sued an

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258 Bway is BOM / why do bad things happen to good contracts?

  trend, or series of unfortunateevents? Within the last week or so I blogged about (a) aloft coming back to the market ten weeks after a contract had beensigned (ohdear / 808 Broadway #2J is back) and wondered if that

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advantages to the much-maligned coop ownership, vs. condos

  getting rid of a bad neighbor is much easier in a coop Another interesting bit in Sunday’s NY Times Real Estate Q + As section deals with one way in which coop boards have much more power than condo

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coop boards behaving badly / can you imagine?

  how absolute power can corrupt Maybe it is the cold weather that has me thinking about nasty people doing nasty things….   This week I blogged about nasty agents trying to prevent other agents from taking a part of

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